To use our services, you must first fill in the registration form and accept the terms and conditions of the webit service. You can then purchase the package that best fits your needs, select your domain name and then you will be given access to start building your website. By following the instructions in the help section, you will be able to select a template, create your pages upload your site content and publish your site.
When registering to the webit service you can choose to create a Personal account or a Company account. Personal account is suitable for individuals looking to prepare a personal site. Company accounts are suitable for organizations requiring to build a site to present the company’s products and services.
You can pay for the service online via credit card upon issuance of electronic invoice. Coupon holders can use their coupon code at order process for any discounts schemes offered.
No software is required, webit is web based and is supported by all internet browsers. The only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection.
Use the login credentials that you entered during your registration to access and manage your account, change your account details, view previous invoices, view your active websites or make new purchases.
In case that you forgot or lost your password, please click on the "forgot password" link on the top right of the page. Enter the email address you submitted on the registration form and our system will send you a confirmation email to reset your password.
You can send us a request to terminate your account at info@webit.com.cy and we will terminate your account and delete all the information on your website.
You can choose to create your site from the following languages:
English, Greek, French, Russian and German.
The webit package gives you the option to select from one to two languages from the abovementioned based on the package that you purchased.
Note that the default language is English.